So What Is Music PsychoTherapy?

Music psychotherapy is a combination of talk therapy and music/music-making to foster self-awareness, healing and growth for adults and adolescents. Music psychotherapy is led by a licensed music therapist and has been used successfully to treat adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. In many cases, music therapy is effective even when other methods have not.

    Every time we make a song, I feel like I conquer a memory.
    — Adult client with significant trauma history

    Who Is Music Therapy For?

    Music therapy is for anyone, but we specialize in helping people experiencing the following:

    • Current or Impending Major Life Change/Crisis
    • Anxiety or Depression
    • Difficulty Sleeping, Focusing or Performing
    • Present or Past Loss or Trauma
    • Medical Illness
    • Trouble Navigating Childhood, Adolescence or Adulthood
    • Burnout
    • Career Change
    • Feelings of Alienation or Lonliness
    • Desire to Better Know Yourself

    What Can You Expect From A Session?

    Music therapy is highly individual, but can incorporate the following elements and more:

    • Guided Listening to Music
    • Writing and Recording Original Music
    • Solo or Collaborative Improvisation
    • Moving / Dancing to Music
    • Creating Artwork
    • Meditation
    • Talk Therapy and Verbal Processing of Music

    Who You'll Be Working With


    Josh Millrod, LCAT, MT-BC is a Brooklyn-based board-certified music therapist and licensed creative arts therapist. He's worked with clients in Bellevue Hospital and Rikers Island and presented on the trauma therapy, hip hop, music technology and meditation at everywhere from music and creative arts therapy conferences to MoMA PS1. He's currently training in complex trauma treatment using the creative arts at the Kint Institute. Prior to becoming a music therapist, Josh worked in the advertising/branding world for 10 years.

    Learn more about Josh's approach.