An Individual Approach

Music therapy is first and foremost about you. There's no one approach that works for everyone and we will work with you to find the best way to reach your goals. However, there are some general principles we think are unique and important to how we do things:

An Inclusive Approach

Music therapy is for any human being, regardless of gender, ethnic or sexual identity, who has ever been moved by music. That's the only requirement for getting started. It doesn't matter whether you have a conservatory education or are too afraid to sing even when you're by yourself. Our approach is about breaking down all of the barriers that may have kept you from having a more intimate relationship with music so that you can experience its healing powers.

A Safe and Inviting Approach

Music therapy is built on a safe foundation. Our first priority is creating a safe space for you to explore who you are, where you've been and where you are going. Things might get uncomfortable sometimes, but you will never be left feeling overexposed. You set the pace of therapy and that pace will be respected.

A Flow-Based Approach

Music therapy can take you to spaces where time ceases to exist and all that matters is the present moment. The modern world is full of distractions that further aggravate our natural tendencies to flee the present moment. A big part of the healing, whether that's overcoming depression, anxiety or trauma, is re-discovering the here-and-now. Collaborative music making can provide a unique, effective and satisfying way to rise to the challenge of meeting the present moment.

An Embodied Approach

Music therapy engages the whole you... not just your intellect. So many of us live from the neck up and miss out on the fullest experience of life. Maybe our bodies have been disrespected or feel like an unsafe place or simply got forgotten about due to the demands of work and modern technological life. Music therapy will help you safely get to know and love your body in all of its you-ness. 

A Freeing Approach

Music therapy can create some space inside. Racing thoughts, unpleasant memories, unsettling dreams and self-defeating thinking are just some of the culprits that might be clogging up your mind. When these thoughts are preventing you from being who you want to be, music therapy can help you explore, express and move on with realizing your full potential.