Your First Music Psychotherapy Session: What To Expect

Congrats! You're getting ready to take the first step towards healing. Whether you've been thinking about taking this step for a while or made the decision quickly, kudos to you. I've seen how powerful that first moment sitting on the couch to get started can be.

Our first session together is a time for us to get to acquainted with your goals, frustrations, hopes, worries and dreams. We'll talk about who you are and where you came from. When it feels right, I might ask to hear some music from important moments in your past or a song that captures how you feel right now (no judgement of course!). Maybe if you're feeling brave, we'll play some music together (no pressure!). Slowly, we'll put together a map of how life has led to this moment of sitting down on the couch. I'll pay close attention to how you're feeling throughout the session to make sure you're not feeling overwhelmed. This first session is all about relief.

Throughout this process, I'll tell you a bit about how I work and answer any questions you have about music psychotherapy. We'll chart out a plan for what we want to work on together and a course for how we'll meet your goals. I'm not a big believer in the idea in keeping secrets about the therapy process, so I'll be as transparent as possible about what you can expect. I'm here to facilitate your therapy process, but I'm also going to show you techniques you can do on your own to stabilize and focus.

Sessions usually end with a brief guided meditation to close up anything that might have been opened up so that you can get back to life and carry some calm and relief with you. Music psychotherapy isn't about just feeling good when your in the office, but being able to take those feelings with you.

That's what you can expect from your first session. Over time, we'll get into the hard stuff, but this first session is about getting acquainted and building feelings of calm, relief and safety that can sustain you in the days after the session.

If you haven't already, get in touch about your first session.